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AMI manages a 22,000 sq. ft. facility staffed by 21 full-time employees. Since 1995, AMI has worked with more than 500 clients to complete approximately 2,500 projects. During this time, AMI’s staff has mentored 463 engineering and business student interns, 61% of these interns obtained high wage, high skill jobs in Kansas upon graduation. AMI has developed a strong reputation for helping businesses by creating new products and developing technologies. In the past five years, AMI clients reported 702 new jobs created, 118 jobs saved, 186 million dollars in increased sales and 665 thousand dollars in reduced costs.

AMI has over 25 years experience (the last six years as an EDA University Center) in providing hands-on, early-stage innovation services, working with one company at a time to bring competitive products and services to market. AMI’s integrated business planning and technical full-time staff balances the technical feasibility, market desirability, and economic viability on a breadth of product development projects.

AMI works directly with EDA district agents, chambers of commerce, KDOC, NetWork Kansas, and the Kansas Small Business Development Centers (SBDC) program to provide ESTD services to companies that advance the objectives of each of these groups. AMI also works with the Mid-America Manufacturing Technology Center, a NIST/MEP Center, to improve the competitiveness of Kansas manufacturers. AMI is a charter member of the Kansas Association of Regional Development Organizations (KARDO) that meets on a quarterly basis to discuss regional projects and opportunities.  Several of the projects undertaken bu the AMI EDA University Center build on the relationships established with member EDA Development District Directors.

As an EDA University Center AMI significantly extended its network of local, regional, and state-wide economic development organizations resulting in collaborative projects that provide value to individual companies up through entire emerging industries. AMI recently piloted a regional innovation network project that integrated social networking analysis, innovation readiness assessments, and innovative information visualization techniques. AMI also regularly serves as a portal to the larger university expertise base, connecting needs to knowledge. The AMI network involves university expertise and involve students from the Colleges of Business Administration, Arts & Sciences, Engineering, and Architecture, Planning and Design. AMI has also established an external advisory board of subject matter experts in such areas as networking, knowledge management, opportunity recognition, regional competitiveness, and rural entrepreneurship to access and implement best practices.

Services Provided

The Advanced Manufacturing Institute (AMI) works with economic development organizations across Kansas to cultivate manufacturing and technology-based ventures in their respective communities or regions. To accomplish this goal AMI works closely with its economic development partners to research markets and opportunities, develop strategic and operational plans that leverage competitive strengths and minimize weaknesses, weave networks of resources and potential partners, and then fill in technical and business support gaps that local or regional partners may have due to limitations in available time or knowledge.

GLWN’s Center of Excellence

The Advanced Manufacturing Institute has been providing engineering and business solutions to manufacturers for more than 15 years.  Throughout this time AMI has continually recognized the changing needs of manufacturers and acted accordingly.  These actions have included adding staff resources, new service offerings, and the continued enhancement of current skill-sets.  An area in which AMI continues to excel is business assessments.  With AMI’s full-time business and engineering staff coming from diverse industries combined with our experience over a broad client base, AMI’s manufacturing business assessment skills is one of our strongest competencies.  An AMI business assessment takes a holistic approach to a client’s business and evaluates a manufacturer from both an external perspective (markets, products, customer service, qualifications, distribution/logistics, etc) as well as internal capacity (office, design/engineering, production, workforce, culture, stability, etc).

With our extensive experience in business assessments and a knack for being able to see the needs of the Kansas manufacturing base, AMI was able to initiate and successfully enter into a partnership with the Great Lakes WIND Network (Cleveland, OH, in January of 2010.  GLWN is an international supply chain network and advisory group focused on increasing the domestic content of wind turbines that are erected in the United States.  GLWN has relationships and contacts with the purchasing agents of all major utility grade wind turbine manufacturers (OEM’s).  GLWN speaks with the OEM’s on a weekly to bi-weekly basis and has been able to capture the requirements the OEM’s are seeking in potential suppliers.  They have taken this information and created a proprietary assessment tool that they utilize as the heart of the Wind Capabilities Profile process in identifying any potential gaps a company may have in becoming a successful supplier to a utility grade wind OEM.

This partnership led to AMI being designated as the GLWN’s first Center of Excellence in the nation.  The details of the partnership include AMI being the designated GLWN resource to perform all Wind Capabilities Profile Assessments for the states of Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Iowa, and now Colorado.  While AMI is actively pursuing Kansas companies, if a call comes to the GLWN regarding interest in the wind industry from any of the listed states, these inquiries are passed to AMI for follow-up.

With AMI’s mission of “Advancing technologies, people, and companies through collaborative engineering and business partnerships”, the fit with GLWN to provide profile assessments to companies interested in supplying to the wind industry is solid.




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