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Global Business: Insight from the BBC

It happens fairly often, something wakes me in the middle of the night and end up turning on BBC World Service and hearing some brain changing story. I am pretty sure it was something like this that happened back in Chongqing over the shortwave that inspired me to study at IIT. This morning I woke to Roger Martin and Dr. Hilary Austen on Global business. The half hour radio show is worth a listen especially the latter half as Martin describes how stock options have led to corrupted actions in the upper levels of business. He likens it to a world where  coaches and players are expected to bet on the game. (sometimes the insights I hear on the radio pretty much mean I’m not going back to sleep for a while, and this was one of them). It is the subject for his upcoming book Fixing the Game: Bubbles, Crashes, and What Capitalism Can Learn from the NFL.

The other insomnia inducing thought adds another voice to one of concepts I’ve been playing with for a while now regarding two modes of business thinking. They described them as mastery and artistry, essentially they describe the former as the traditional mode of operational or reductionist business thinking  and the later at least in my current understanding as more as a abductive or design thinking mode.

Link to the rebroadcast: BBC World Service Programmes – Global Business, Thinking about Thinking.

Link to Peter Day’s post about the interview: Thinking about Thinking: About this programme by Peter Day.


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