Engineers in the Manufacturing Sector

EMSI recently posted about the demand of engineers in the manufacturing sector and according to the blog, engineers and engineering technicians make up about 8% of the total manufacturing sector. Some other interesting numbers from the blog post

  • The top engineering occupation in manufacturing is industrial engineers. There are 145,000 industrial engineer jobs in the manufacturing sector, which is 1.2% of the manufacturing workforce.
  • Mechanical engineers is just behind with 114,500 jobs or 1% of the manufacturing sector.
  • With 73,000 jobs in manufacturing, computer software engineers, system software is third. Also notice that with 53,000 jobs, the sixth occupation is computer software engineers, applications. That equates to 126,000 software engineer jobs in manufacturing, which speaks to the advanced, highly mechanized nature of domestic operations. Read more about these jobs.
  • The fourth occupation on the list is electrical engineers, with about 52,500 jobs in manufacturing (.5% of the total workforce).

To read the complete post, click here.


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