Role During and After Natural Disasters

The Alliance for American Manufacturing released a report recently “Preparing for the 21st century: Revitalizing American Manufacturing to Protect, Respond and Recover” focused on the idea of the role played by manufacturing sector in protection, response and recovery in event of natural disasters.

Revitalizing America’s domestic manufacturing capacity must become a clear and urgent national priority at all levels of government and among industry leaders. The future vitality of our national and economic security goes hand-in-hand with that of our domestic manufacturing base.

The report makes a number of key recommendations designed to revitalize American manufacturing and ensure that we are not left flatfooted and vulnerable at a time when quick response and rapid rebuilding are necessary.

Among their specific recommendations are:

  • Develop a plan to make the restoration of a strong American manufacturing sector a key component of both national and economic security strategies.
  • Reinvest in America’s infrastructure, using U.S.-made materials.
  • Incentivize the revitalization of American manufacturing, including the use of domestic-content preferences that maximize the power of federal procurement funds.
  • Enforce trade laws to ensure a level playing field for U.S manufacturers and their workers facing unfair competition.
  • Invest in the American workforce to ensure we have the trained workers needed to rebuild our infrastructure and work in a larger, more modern manufacturing sector.

The complete report can be downloaded at: americanmanufacturing.org.


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