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John Davolt

Inventor of Magmodz

Short Bio:
John W. Davolt was born in Papua New Guinea to a Missionary Nurse and a Missionary Pilot. The family moved back home to Independence, Kansas when he was nine years old. He attended and graduated from the Independence Bible School. During that time he also earned his private Pilot Certificate and instrument rating. John furthered his education and experience at the International A.L.E.R.T. Academy in Big Sandy, Texas. Graduating from the leadership program in 2004, he returned to Independence to start a career at Cessna Aircraft Company and worked there for seven years. In March 2012, two years after he had perfected his idea for MagModz, John took a huge risk and left his steady paycheck at Cessna to become a “real” entrepreneur.

Presentation Synopsis:
John will join Nathan Pritchett, Fab Lab Tulsa, to share their perspectives on rapid prototyping options that are available to help inventors and entrepreneurs accelerate their innovation process.

About MagModz:
Magmodz is the most playable toy car ever designed, fueling creativity and driving imagination. The cars are similar in size to a 1/64 scale toy car, with each car consisting of three magnetic encapsulated pieces, thus allowing every piece of every car to be completely interchangeable. In addition, the Trick ‘N Trade accessory package contains a limo section, an extended cab section, and a cool engine section, allowing even more design possibilities. In fact, if you had all three models of MagModz cars, in all three colors (red, black and yellow), you would have over 240 combinations! Each car comes packaged in its own cool embossed tin box, which interacts with the magnetic cars, creating even more fun! Just Snapit’n Drive . . . for literally hours of entertainment and creative imagination.

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