Kathy Ankerson Bio


Katherine S. Ankerson, IDEC, IIDA, NCARB



Short Bio:
Incoming Interior Design Educators Council (IDEC) President Ankerson, is Department Head and Professor of Interior Architecture & Product Design in the College of Architecture, Planning and Design at Kansas State University since 2011. Previously served as associate dean and professor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and architectural and interior design practitioner. Ankerson is passionate about the value of design to improve conditions for all, and about teaching, learning and investigation in the design disciplines. She is author of the comprehensive digital works “Illustrated Codes for Designers: Residential” and “Illustrated Codes for Designers: Non-Residential” and leader of the collaborative 20th Anniversary Nuckolls Lighting Fund Grant award, Lighting Across the [Design] Curriculum.

Title of Presentation:
Design + Make: Process and Product Intertwined

Synopsis of Presentation:
Design education today must prepare global design citizens who foster synergy, embrace successful collaboration, and recognize interconnectedness; with an awareness of the responsibility of individual and collective actions in personal, social, and environmental arenas; and, with the critical collaborative leadership skills to serve them throughout their careers. In an increasingly complex world, designers today and into the future must possess a variety of abilities and the confidence for an intentionally rigorous pursuit of design quality. We are faced with preparing emerging professionals who are poised to recognize and address challenges in creative ways; who embrace change and are change agents; who are leaders infused with both the confidence that comes from embedded and discovered knowledge as well as the wisdom to apply it; who are prepared and fluent in both traditional and digital processes; and who are passionate proponents of the impact of design. As well, we are preparing learners who will examine, question, explore, articulate, and create; who embrace design thinking in all aspects of life.

Description of Facility/Program:
Interior Architecture & Product Design is a five-plus year professional master’s degree at Kansas State University, intertwining the process of inquiry; design; and, the making of space and form; rigorously pursuing excellence intrinsically, and contributing to the betterment of the human condition. We educate based on belief that the act of “making” is integral to develop a process of understanding; that design inquiry through evidence and design research and analysis are crucial; that haptic experiences foster depth in consideration and design; that insights and opportunities are presented through richly investigated circumstances are fruitful; and, that learning from and sharing knowledge throughout society and across culture is imperative in addressing significant issues and the betterment of human life.



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