ExpertFinder FAQ

Q. Why Was ExpertFinder Developed?
A. Kansas has a rich and diverse manufacturing tradition. ExpertFinder is designed to help businesses find partners, or resources within the state.
Q. Does ExpertFinder contain private or sensitive data?
A. ExpertFinder simply reads the words on a company’s website and retains the unique and important words.
Q. Does a company’s appearance on this website automatically indicate support or endorsement?
A. While InnovateKansas generally supports all businesses and innovation in Kansas, it does not control or approve  the content on any website that is linked through this tool. Search results have not been rigorously filtered or screened by the InnovateKansas. Users who search the Internet using this tool do so at their own risk and are responsible for the results.
Q. Can I store or share the results of a search?
A. Yes, the social media links at the bottom of the page will let you post, tweet or share your findings.

For the business owner

Q. Can I add my company to the list?
A. We urge all companies involved in manufacturing or distribution of specialized products or services to add their information to this free resource. Simply click the link on the bottom of the ExpertFinder page and reply using your company’s e-mail address. If the information can be verified we will automatically add the information to the list.
Q. Can I correct or delete information on the site?
A. Yes, clicking “update listing” on a company’s detail page will provide a simple form to change the information. If you would like to remove your company please just let us know a little about why you would know not like to be included in the notes field and we will remove the company, please use a verifiable email address or phone number.
Q. I have a website but the my company does not come up in searches.
A. ExpertFinder uses text in the website, some sites using just pictures or designed using Flash are inaccessible by site reading technology. Good SEO techniques, including using Keywords, captions and tags will help the business to show up correctly.
Q. I have text on my site but it still does not show any informational tags.
A. It is possible that your site is preventing ExpertFinder from reading the information. ExpertFinder respects “No Robots” requests on websites, verify with your web administrator that your site allows indexing.
Q. I don’t have a website or my site is not descriptive of our competencies, can I provide information in other ways?
A. We can add information in Word document or PDF format, simply email the document to from a verifiable address and we can upload the information to include in your company’s profile.
Q. My business has many locations, why is it only appearing once.
A. Currently, ExpertFinder strives to show one location per functional business unit. Future additions may address branch locations.

Other Questions

Q. How was and ExpertFinder developed?
A. Initially was developed by The Technology Development Institute at Kansas State and funded by the U.S. Economic Development Administration through the University Centers program. Subsequent support has been provided by Kansas Inc. a non-partisan agency designed to conduct economic development research and analysis with a goal of crafting policies and recommendations to insure the state’s ongoing competitiveness for economic growth.
Q. What is the technology behind ExpertFinder?
A. ExpertFinder uses software technology developed by C3 Networking in Bonn, Germany, Website and Online mapping designed and developed by Imagemakers in Wamego, Kansas.


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