Mike Niedenthal


“Lean Innovation Management System – Integrating the Powers of Lean Manufacturing and Innovation Engineering”

You might think Lean Manufacturing is the most effective system for developing and implementing “Lean” improvement practices – but that is no longer true. A growing number of organizations are also embracing “Innovation Engineering” – a system to develop and implement meaningfully unique ideas faster and with less risk of failure than traditional methods. Attendees will see a visual display demonstrating how these two powerful methods can be integrated into a more effective system, one that is in better alignment to meet tomorrow’s competitive challenges.

Mike Niedenthal is Director for MAMTC’s Overland Park Office, specializing in the technologies of the Lean Enterprise and Innovation Engineering. Prior to joining MAMTC, Mike worked 15 years in manufacturing management, assisting Procter & Gamble and ARAMCO to improve their business and operating practices. For the past 20+ years, as Director with MAMTC, Mike has worked assisting Kansas companies to accelerate their rate of transformation and improvement.


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