Toby Lavine


“Do “Soft Skills” Make You Soft?”

Toby will present Leadership principles that cut across traditional thinking. How do we drive our current workforce to high production, world class performance and quality workmanship? The leadership principles that Toby has developed in over 20 years in executive management have transformed their business into a Global leader in their field. In 2014 they were awarded the Governor’s Exporter of the year award by having extended their reach to over 60 countries. Learn how you can transform the way you think as it relates to leadership.

Toby Lavine, son of founder Curtis Lavine, was asked to join Kansas Aviation in 1995. In 2001, Toby was named President of Kansas Aviation, bringing a diverse business and educational background to the leadership role. Under Toby’s direction the company has evolved into a world class leader in engine accessory overhauls. He is dedicated to creating a healthy company culture by providing character training, financial classes and technical training. He believes the strongest asset of an organization is its people and recognizes that company success relies on dedicated and caring employees.


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