Business Resources

Whether you’re launching a new business or expanding your current organization, Innovate Kansas has developed a directory of helpful business resources.

Startup Savant

Startup Savant is the free online magazine for aspiring business owners that gives back to children’s education. So far we have impacted 36,780 students through the online charity, They offer a extensive list of resources for the anyone looking to start a business in Kansas at:

58 Best Resources for Starting a Business in Kansas


Incubators offer businesses commercial space with reduced rent, shared services, and financing assistance. Below is a list of tools and resources to locate an incubator in your region:

InBIA Member Incubators
Business Incubator in Greensburg, KS
Pipeline Entrepreneurs Innovators Network
Wichita State University BizInc

Universities & Research Institutes

Explore how universities are innovating your industry with new research studies and analysis that could help make your business better. Below is a list of university faculty and research centers organized by industry.

Emporia State Center for Great Plains Studies
Kansas Wheat Commission – Manhattan, KS
K-State – O.H. Kruse Feed Technology Innovation Center
K-State Water Resources Institute – Drought Resources
K-State Wheat Genetics Resources
Southwest Research Center – Tribune Unit
Southwest Research Center – Garden City, KS
K-State Western Kansas Agriculture Research Center – Hays, KS

Animal Health & Studies
K-State Beef Cattle Institute
K-State Herbivore Impact on Grasslands Research
K-State Food Science Institute Facilities
K-State: U.S. – China Center for Animal Health
K-State Entomology Research Staff
K-State – Kansas Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Research Unit

Wichita State National Institute for Aviation Research Faculty

KU Department of Chemistry – The Adams Institute
Pittsburg State University – Kansas Polymer Research Center

Fort Hays State University Communication Studies Faculty

Criminal Justice
Wichita State Midwest Criminal Justice Institute

Economic Development & Business Research
K-State Institute for Commercialization
K-State Statistical Consulting Lab
Wichita State Center for Economic Development & Business Research
Wichita State Center for Entrepreneurship
Wichita State World Trade Council

K-State Institute for Academic Alliances
KU Center for Research on Learning
Wichita State Center for Economic Education
Wichita State Research & Evaluation Projects

K-State Engineering Research Center & Institutes
K-State SMART Lab – Mechanical & Nuclear Engineering
KU Bioengineering Research Center

Research Studies Center
K-State Institute for Environmental Research
K-State Konza Prairie Biological Station
K-State Center for Hazardous Substance Research
K-State Pollution Prevention Institute
K-State Water Resources Institute
K-State Evolutionary & Ecological Genomics Research
NSF EPSCoR – Climate and Energy Research
KU Center for Environmentally Beneficial Catalysis – Engineering Sustainable Chemicals & Fuels
KU Natural History Museum – Research at the Institute

KU Information & Telecommunication Technology Center
Wichita State Advanced Networking Research Institute – Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

KU Biosciences Research Center
K-State – Johnson Cancer Research Center
KU Center for Cancer Experimental Therapeutics
K-State Biosecurity Research Institute
KU Biotechnology Innovation & Optimization Center
KU Medical Center Research Institutes & Support
K-State Sensory Analysis Center
K-State College of Human Ecology – Scholarship & Research
KU Lifespan Institute – Human & Community Development, Disabilities, Aging
K-State – Kansas Lipidomics Research Center
KU Microscopy & Analytical Imaging Laboratory – Tutorials on Instruments & Equipment
KU Molecular Structures Group Laboratories
KU NIH Center of Biomedical Research Excellence in Protein Structure and Function
KU Instrumentation Design Laboratory
K-State Microscopy Facility

K-State – Technology Development Institute (TDI) – Planning, Research, Design, Development

Oil & Natural Gas
K-State National Gas Machinery Laboratory
KU Tertiary Oil Recovery Program

Fort Hays State University Physics Faculty
K-State – James R. Macdonald Laboratory for Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics
Washburn University Astrobiophysics Research Center

Fort Hays State University Psychology Research

Public Policy
Fort Hays State University Docking Institute
K-State Research Institute for Civic Discourse & Democracy
KU Institute for Policy and Social Research
KU Hall Center for the Humanities

Real Estate
Wichita State Center for Real Estate – Research & Data

Science & Technology
KU Center for Remote Sensing of Ice Sheets
Wichita State Center for Energy Studies

K-State Transportation Center – Theses & Dissertations

Kauffman Foundation

The Kauffman Foundation is one of the largest organizations devoted to advancing entrepreneurial success.
The Kauffman Foundation – Supporting Entrepreneurs


Kansas has a rich history filled with well-known inventors. In 1925, Walter Chrysler started the car manufacturer Chrysler Corporation. In 1961, Omar Knedlik invented the first frozen carbonated drink machine in 1961 to serve the drink he also invented, the ICEE frozen drink. While, William Coleman invented the first instant-light gasoline lamp called the Coleman lamp. Perhaps with the insight of some of Kansas’ recent innovators you could be next on this list.

KOIN Inventorship Tableau – Locate an Inventor by Patent Type
Inventors Association of South Central Kansas
Kansas Regional Independent Inventors Conference
Inventors Club of Kansas City

Legal Resources

If you’ve invented a new product, we encourage you to consult with a legal expert. Use the following resources to connect with patent and trademark attorneys.
Kansas Patent Attorneys & Agents
Trademark Information
Inventors Assistance Center
NetWork Kansas Resource Finder

Small Business Development Centers (SBDC)

Small business development centers aid entrepreneurs by business consulting, and often partner with other organizations to provide you with the support you need.

Kansas Small Business Development Center

Kansas Small Business Development Center – North Central
America’s SBDC
Area Chamber of Commerce SBDC in Manhattan, KS

Export Assistance and Marketing:
Kansas Department of Commerce

Technical Colleges in Kansas

Technical colleges and universities in Kansas often have students who are interested in opportunities to work in their field of expertise. We encourage you to reach out to one of the following institutions if interested in hiring local technical students.

American Institute of Baking
Coffeyville Community College and Area Technical School
Flint Hills Technical College
Manhattan Area Technical College
North Central Kansas Technical College
Northwest Kansas Technical College
Pinnacle Career Institute
Salina Area Technical College
Wichita Area Technical College

Workforce Centers

Workforce centers can help you build your team and can assist with industry-specific training.
Find Employees with KansasWorks

Business Support: Statewide Classes & Events

NetWork Kansas provides businesses with the tools and resources to start and grow. As a part of this initiative, they manage an up-to-date calendar of statewide classes and events. Classes and event topics vary, but often cover: business planning, accounting and funding, human resources, import/export, marketing, networking, sales and procurement, startups, and technology. Classes and events not only provide you with new information to help further develop your business, but you’re also bound to benefit from a new support system of fellow entrepreneurs.

Check out the calendar to find an upcoming event near you: NetWork Kansas Events Calendar.

Find a Resource

Need support in a specific area of expertise? Explore NetWork Kansas’ Resource Navigator or KOIN’s Expert Finder to connect with partners who can help your business flourish.


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