Fostering Innovation

How does innovation happen? It starts with someone saying, “I can make this better.” To help foster this passion for progress and change, Innovate Kansas connects businesses and communities with collaborators, suppliers, and partners that can help you create innovative solutions. Although there’s no calculated formula or “right” way to pursue innovation, we’ll work with you each step of the way to see your ideas come to life.

Transform how you do business. Learn how others have already started.

Innovating Agriculture: Nutrient Recovery Development

The Kansas Environmental Management Associates (KEMA) faced the challenge of finding a way to utilize excess phosphorus waste to create a slow release granule fertilizer. With the help of Innovate Kansas they were able to recover excess waste from feedlot streams and apply it to swine and dairy wastewater to create a phosphorous reduction system.

Innovate Kansas connected KEMA with a bioprocessing team to develop a new patented process for recovering excess phosphorus from feedlot waste streams to create a slow release granule fertilizer. A patent application has been published for Fluidized Bed Precipitator With Optimized Solids Settling And Solids Handling Features For Use In Recovering Phosphorus From Wastewater. Our teams continue to work together on improvements for the system.

Developing a Wind Industry Construction and Logistics Supply Chain Initiative

The challenge was to develop an industry-wide network of connections for various agencies that could mutually benefit from the wind industry. The result? The development of the first GLWN Center of Excellence, a partnership with GLWN and KDOC on a number of educational programs throughout the state to raise industry awareness, and develop a Wind Industry Construction and Logistics Supply Chain Initiative to enable contractors and construction companies to participate in the development of current and wind farms being developed throughout the state. Throughout the project, Innovate Kansas brought numerous entities together in collaboration to help all better understand their role in the emerging industry. Since then, some of the companies R-Tech Tool & Machine and Alstom have explored how working with businesses in the wind industry can help their business grow.

Reducing Cargo Train Fuel Consumption

TOR had a desire to reduce the drag of heavy haul cargo trains to reduce fuel consumption.
With the assistance of Innovate Kansas, TOR was able to develop a solid lubricant applicator to the top of the rail, which reduces the coefficient of friction between the rail-car wheels and rail. Innovated Kansas assisted in product development and plans to aid in further improvements of the system by serving as a continued support network throughout the business development and distribution planning phases.

Eliminating Fuel Spillage and Increase Refueling Time in Locomotives

Traditional locomotive refueling systems refuel at a rate of 200 gallons per minute and can create fuel spillage once the tank is full. SpillX system uses aviation technologies to increase the rate to 600 gallons per minute and has a mechanical shut-off mechanism that can stop refueling once the locomotive fuel tank is full without spillage. Innovate Kansas has been working with Mike Mitrovich for several years developing the system by designing, prototyping, and testing, as well as serving in a marketing and sales support function. Initial testing was a success and the Canadian Pacific is outfitting 50 locomotives with the system. Innovate Kansas continues to support Spill-X from a business development perspective including contract negotiations, supplier development, and distribution planning.


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