Innovate Kansas is dedicated to providing Kansas businesses and communities with the tools needed to foster innovation. Multiple programs and initiatives have been created to help you gain insights to your industry, seek out opportunities, and interpret valuable data.

Business Profiling

Business profiling programs and initiatives are being used to assess innovation competencies, assets, capabilities, and needs of regions, communities, and their local companies. Through these initiatives, we’re exploring new ways of categorizing businesses, apart from traditional industry or cluster based classification. Through business profiling, we’re focusing on how the business works.
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Data Visualization

Data visualization is a key focus area for Innovate Kansas. The goal of our data visualization projects is to help you utilize data in new ways and be able to communicate data visually to your target audiences. We have also shared our research and exploration through data mapping.
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Manufacturing Reshoring

Manufacturing reshoring is an additional focus area we are exploring to be able to share market insights with businesses and communities in Kansas. Through research and exploration Innovate Kansas seeks to analyze industry trends and explore manufacturing reshoring news, as the industry offers much opportunity for businesses. We hope to provide information on how to bring high-paying manufacturing jobs back to the U.S., and reconnect the means of production to means of development in Kansas.
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Opportunity Scouting

Opportunity scouting is a systematic approach to identify, gather, manage, and distribute information about new business ventures, products, services, collaborations, and markets. At Innovate Kansas, we scout opportunities that may benefit businesses and communities throughout Kansas. In addition, we hope to offer methods of finding opportunities that you can implement, along with ways to visually showcase the opportunities you’ve located.
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Social Networking Analysis

Social Network Analysis is an exciting field that combines the mathematical discipline of graph theory and the social disciplines of organizational psychology and communications. Analyzing social networks can help both businesses and economic developers understand their industry, community, and target markets. We encourage you to explore our programs and initiatives in which we are analyzing regional social networks and are transforming the realm of product innovation.
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