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Business Profiling Project

Project Goal

Pilot a Business to Business (B2B) network among Kansas manufacturers to readily connect potential customers, suppliers, or collaboration partners within the state.
Project Objectives

  1. Facilitate denser and stronger networks between Kansas companies, resulting in effective collaborative ties between companies and an increased global competitiveness throughout the state.
  2. Develop a manufacturing business profiling process that characterizes Kansas manufacturing companies in terms of, but not limited to, markets, product, services, design/engineering, manufacturing processes and capacities, workforce, work culture, expansion capacity, financial stability and transferable competencies.
  3. Create a system schematic of a repository for the business profiles in form of a database with easy accessibility available to all Kansas companies to search for collaborators and request to edit/update their own information.
  4. Generate a business finding concept that improves mutual awareness among Kansas companies and makes competencies and capabilities more visible to encourage companies to find matching customers, suppliers, and collaboration partners.
  5. Design a prototype system with search and filtering capabilities that can help manufacturing companies in the state network based on their capabilities and capacity.


To support efforts to advance Kansas prosperity, the Kansas Department of Commerce (KDOC) intends to help Kansas companies develop a 21st century supply chain network for the state. The aim is to increase connectedness of the Kansas companies and assist them in maintaining and/or improving their global competitiveness. Helping Kansas companies network with one another and develop a statewide supply chain will help cut costs for companies while increasing productivity for the state manufacturers.
Kansas manufacturers will benefit from collaboration with other Kansas manufacturers as suppliers and/or customers based on the capacity, capability, location and equipment of the company. The manufacturers will also have the opportunity to share knowledge of additional capacity or scarcity. Most importantly, Kansas companies will have a powerful tool to pursue new opportunities in collaboration with each other. Increasingly opportunities demand more resources than any one company can muster. The system will focus on manufacturing industries, to provide manufacturers with a resource targeted to the technical and business specifics of manufacturing and developing products.
The project aims to design a tool to fill this networking need and draws heavily on the experience from TDI’s Wind Supply Chain Development Project. TDI is presently in partnership with the Great Lakes WIND Network (GLWN) to assist KDOC in identifying active and prospective wind industry supply chain manufacturers. Based on insights gained to date from its wind supply chain development efforts, TDI proposes to prototype a business profiling and networking system that will enable Kansas manufacturers to more efficiently identify viable Kansas partners. This is a prototype project that will be piloted in a fourteen county region of South Central Kansas.


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