KTEC Cluster Strategy Development

Project Objective
To support the development/implementation of the Kansas Technology Cluster Development Strategy through mapping social and innovation networks specific to targeted technology clusters.

Statewide Technology Cluster Development Strategy
The Kansas Technology Enterprise Corporation (KTEC) and the Economic Development Administration (EDA) Denver Region recently partnered to develop a statewide Technology Cluster Development Strategy to identify potential technology and/or regional industry clusters. Through better understanding of Kansas-based resources, strengths, and underutilized assets, KTEC intends to further advance innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as productivity throughout the state. By assessing current Kansas technology clusters and the potential for transferable skills/resources that can extend beyond a single cluster, KTEC can support and develop existing clusters, while nurturing emerging clusters and form new clusters. This process will be forward-looking, anticipating economic changes, and positioning the state for market-based responses to changing economic conditions.

Partnering with Innovate Kansas
Innovate Kansas will assist KTEC to execute the cluster development strategy through active participation in the strategy development team and mapping social networks and innovation networks specific to targeted technology clusters. Once preliminary networks are identified, they will be analyzed to look for the structural holes and network stars to help weave stronger networks in the region. Their efforts will specifically focus on networks in the technology based clusters as identified by KTEC and to build sociographs for those identified clusters. These sociographs will be used to strengthen the networks by connecting the unconnected. This would include developing a communication channel between the companies that are a part of the identified clusters as well as creating a discussion forum for the clusters members that would allow them to exchange ideas and knowledge leading to innovation and new opportunities.


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