Regional Asset Mapping for Southwest Kansas

Project Goal

To deepen regional business and community leaders’ understanding of regional economic development assets and how they interact to support innovation-based growth.

Project Objectives

The project objective is to map the regional assets in the Great Plains Development, Inc. (GPDI) twenty-eight county region in order to strengthen its position in the competitive global economy. In order to fulfill the project objective, Innovate Kansas will undertake the asset mapping in southwest Kansas.

  • Identify and catalog all major assets relevant to regional development in the southwestern Kansas region.
  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of assets and identify gaps in the regional innovation platform.
  • Conduct a comprehensive assessment of regional assets to provide deeper understanding of the factors that drive the regional economy.
  • Initiate preliminary social network map to identify all of the relevant ties between all the identified regional organizations, both formal and informal.
  • Share asset mapping findings with regional leaders via detailed documentation of the findings and visual display of the assets.
    The underlying objective of an asset mapping project is to reveal the region’s unique set of assets – both tangible and intangible. Using these asset maps, regional organizations can form strategic plans to achieve their economic and workforce development goals. An asset map provides a comprehensive view of the regional innovation strengths and weaknesses that a region can utilize to improve its overall competitive position.Regional asset mapping serves a number of purposes. It helps regions:

  • Have a bird’s eye view of what exists in the region and what the region lacks in,
  • Set up a foundation for the long-term (strategic) planning for the region,
  • A detailed map of the inert linkages that exist in the region between individuals, organizations and other entities within the region and with other regions,
  • Cultivate a sense of regionalism by providing a visual map of regional assets and inter dependence of those assets and
  • Acts as a strong community engagement tool for collaborative projects.

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