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North Central Kansas Regional Report – Part 1

We have been using emsi labor market datasets and the ‘emsi Analyst’ tool to generate regional economic reports for our regional partners. We will be generating a set of five reports as a part of the KOIN initiative. The aim of these reports is to give our regional partners an overview of the region and aid them in decision making.

Summary of Parts 1-4
Part I of the Regional Economic Report provided an overview of the region. The report includes regional demographics, GRP, import/exports, jobs, employers, growing/declining occupations and industries, earnings, regional knowledge and skills. Part II of the report describes in more detail the region’s Industry, including major industrial clusters, shift share, jobs and wages. Part III will describe the regional occupations in more details including data about jobs, education and wages. Part IV of the report will describe in detail the educational programs in the region including regional completions, openings, jobs and median wage. The final report will be a summarization of all the parts and additional information and/or case studies.

Report Part 1
This is the first of the five series report for the North Central Kansas region.

Regional Overview Assets Report



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