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Downtown Chicago Attracts New Businesses

There’s been a run of good news for Chicago recently which, apart from giving Mayor Rahm Emanuel some happy headlines, tell us something about the nature of global cities, about the shape of this new economy, and about who wins and who loses.

Richard C. Longworth on his blog, The Midwesterner, posted about the recent good news about business attraction in downtown Chicago. It’s interesting that these moves are not tied to specific traditional attraction efforts (TIFs and the like) but rather the draw of a dynamic cluster.

As we have pointed out before, rural areas have an ambivalent relationship with cluster type development. Practically and by definition most rural areas can’t expect to support a cluster on its own. Furthermore there are real questions about the downward scalability of cluster development. Rather rural areas must pay attention to the adjacent clusters, adjacent in location but also adjacent by capabilities and travel.

So cheer for the cities and watch for the opportunities. To check out the full article, click here.


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