UEDA Annual Summit

Brad Kramer will be presenting today at the UEDA Annual Summit in Chattanooga, Tennessee. We are proud to get to share some of the concepts we are developing in Kansas with other EDA university centers from all around the nation.

9:22 U of Tennessee president Dr. Joe DiPietro wraps up presentation about activities on the UT system
10:30 Drs. Nigliazzo, Clements and DiPietro finish a panel discussion
Points of interest

    Iron Triangle affordability, economic development, and completion rates
    Future of the university with online learning
    University role economic development (direct and indirect)
    How can universities help policy makers update their ideas about economic development

Concurrent Presentations
1:00 Dr. Jim Clements from WVU speaks about the land grant mession
Afternoon Concurrent Presentations
4:20 Alice Rolli, Assistant Commissioner, Strategy Department of Economic & Community Development, State of Tennessee

8:00 Janet Miller, Vice Chair of the External Member Relations Committee of IEDC and Leader of Nashville Chamber of Commerce
9:00 Penny Lee, Vice Chancellor for Public Affairs and Advancement, MS, Indiana University Kokomo
10:00 Concurrent Sessions
1:00 Dr. Nancy “Rusty” Barcelo, President Northern New Mexico College
3:00 Concurrent Sessions
7:00 Chris Mustain, Council of Competitiveness
Awards Presentation
H. Philip Paradice, Jr., Regional Director, Economic Development Administration

    Congratulations to:
    University of Missouri
    Iowa State University
    West Virginia University
    Lehigh University


    Kansas State University x 2


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