2018 Research Showcase on May 16th

Please help represent K-State at the 2018 Research Showcase
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Dear K-State researchers,

If you’ve kept up with news from our office in the past year, you know that we are proud of the continued success of K-State faculty in forming valuable collaborations with industry partners. The number of industry-funded projects have increased 80 percent in the last five years. In January, the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation shared that Kansas ranks third in the country in the share of university research supported by industry.

Our team is continuing to build the processes and offer the opportunities that faculty need to capitalize on growing industry needs for university collaboration in research and development. One of those opportunities is the 2018 K-State Research Showcase that will be held on May 16 at K-State Olathe. We are building on a successful event in 2017; companies in the Kansas City region showed us that they are hungry for collaboration with K-State. They know K-State has been an excellent talent pipeline.

I hope you are excited about this opportunity to advance your research and develop new solutions. Please register to exhibit at the event and promote the expertise and research capabilities on your teams by clicking the button below, and don’t hesitate to call our office with your questions.

Thank you to the 23 researchers who have already registered!


Peter K. Dorhout

Vice President for Research

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